Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clay Critter Frenzy

Will someone please tell me why I keep coming out to the studio (where I work in WHITE CLAY exclusively) wearing BLACK clothing?!

Oh nevermind.  That's a rhetorical question...

(although my new black fleece sweatpants are a virtual magnet for white clay-dust!)

Anyhoooo...  It's kind of a Slow-Mo Day for me.  Cold, damp and dreary.  And I've been getting Cabin Fever bigtime - being trapped in the house all week long.  So I was happy to take a mini-getaway out to The Shack this afternoon.

Priscilla has been trying, o' so valiantly, to inspire me to break-out of my "I think I'll make a tray" mindset and get a little more creative.

I also have a nearly full bag of scrap clay that I am too lazy to recycle, so sometimes I break-away from tray-making and let the scrap-clay-blobs "tell me" what they want to be...

Here is what I've got in the works right now:

First - inspired by another blogger - I made a Lucy (or she might be a Pigeon - I can never tell them apart!). Scratch and Peck is a super-cute blog, written by Lauren Scheuer (who will soon have a buk-buk-BOOK!).  She tells of her Chicken-Raising Adventures and also offered-up some adorable "cut-out" Christmas Ornaments this year.  Her holiday post is here.

And this is the last creation for 2012:

She could be ANYBODY right now!

I plan to glaze her dark-gray with white - like a Barred Rock.  Originally, I thought I would make her into a Christmas Ornament, but recycling clay blobs makes for a pretty "blobby" (and heavy) piece.  If you tried to hang this on a tree, it would probably take a branch off!  So - paperweights are good, right?!

If this piece survives drying and firing, and comes out okay, I'll probablygive it to Lauren - since her blog posts always brighten my day!

Next up:  Today's Creations.

This li'l guy has a couple of potential homes.  In fact, I may have to make two of them because I have lots of hedgehog fans!

And lastly, a little "Wisdom" (or SOMETHING!)

I think this guy needs a little more texture, but I'll let him set-up a bit before I start messing with him.

Oh, I couldn't help myself!  He desperately needed more texture and - so far, so good!

Yes.  Much better!

So that's the latest from the Tiki Shack o' Perpetual Summer (with a little help from a space-heater).  I'll post more, as things progress...